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public speaking

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to speak at the School of Advertising Art for their Open House. I am an alumni of SAA and got to share my journey through college with potential students. It was an absolute blast! I shared how I got interested in the school, what my time was like when I attended and what my day to day is like now in my career.

The whole week leading up to the talk, I was nervous... I was overthinking what I should say, how I should say it or if they would even care, but then I realized this was good information to hear if this was the path they were going to take. Only four years ago, I was in their shoes and I would have loved to hear from someone who experienced the same journey. 

I felt really good about being able to answer questions students and their parents had. Although I haven't done a ton of public speaking, I absolutely loved it and would like to do it more. Maybe I've found a new career path: teaching! 

Taylor Hughes