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poetry is an experiment.


While in school, I studied creative writing. I came across some poems I had written and figured they weren't half bad. Check them out and tell me your favorite! 


Demand Peace

Peace. I demand peace for the people, with no war and no riot. To know what you stand for and never be quiet. Always be strong and always be proud, do your own thing and never follow the crowd. When life seems too rough, you have to stay true... Not to all of us, but to the heart that's inside you. You are so beautiful and always so wise. Please do not let yourself down by filling all your words with lies. I demand peace for the world and all the people inside it, with absolutely no war and absolutely no riot. 


Melted Haiku

Psychedelic birds,
flying through a melted sky,
while the clouds smile too.



Someone once told me; when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But... what if I don’t like lemonade? What if I just want to hold the lemons in my hands. Or, smell their fresh scent? Will I ever make it in this world if I refuse to go with the flow of lemonade? If I rebel against the norm, and instead of making lemonade, I make apple juice? What if the world had no lemons to make this so called “lemonade”? Would we all be dead or learn to keep going? 

Taylor Hughes